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Crazy ass girl sets her BF car on fire is arrested 😳

A woman was blown back by the impact after allegedly setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s car, according to a viral video.

In video posted on several social media networks, a woman wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, gray pants, gloves and a mask pours a substance believed to be gasoline or lighter fluid from a large red container into a car’s window. The woman than picks up a candle lighter and flicks it while putting her arm back into the car. Almost instantaneously, flames

The woman then crawls away before running back to collect the red container and some other items she left next to the car, which appears to be a Jeep.

According to social media posts accompanying the video, the woman was spurred into action after her boyfriend cheated on her.

According to the news channel, the woman behind the crime has been identified as 34-year-old Kelly S. Hayes of Madison, Wisconsin.

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