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21 Savage, Tip “TI” & Tiny Harris, Flo Milli, Flava Flav and Many More Celebrate Rap Star Latto’s 25

23 December 2023. Atlanta, GA —In a dazzling spectacle that reverberated through the heart of Atlanta, hip-hop sensation Latto took center stage last night for an unforgettable 25th birthday bash, produced by Hannah Kang of MBP Events. The celebration, themed "Hoes Up, Pimps Down" in the spirit of a Players Ball, unfolded at the exclusive venue, The Bank, transforming the city into a glamorous showcase of fashion, music, and A-list personalities.

Among the luminaries gracing the event were legendary acts including Tip “TI” and Tiny Harris and Flava Flav, fellow rap stars 21 Savage, Flo Milli, Young Nudy, Gloss Up, Baby Drill, Anycia and Karahboo, personalities Big Sexxy and Tuson, music industry titans Meezy, ATL Jacob, and Tre Trax, and even legendary ‘playas’ Uncle Poochieand Pimpin Ken. This constellation of celebrity guests elevated the night, infusing it with an unmatched energy and star power.

Dynamic hosting duties were entrusted to the charismatic duo of Fly Guy DC and the iconic Flava Flav. Their synergy kept the atmosphere charged, ensuring an engaging and entertaining celebration throughout the night. The red carpet, transformed into a Pimp Stroll, was hosted by personalities Tuson and Big Sexxy, making the energy larger than life. This prelude to the evening's festivities showcased a parade of fashion and attitude, setting the stage for what guests awaited inside.

Embracing the theme, guests adorned themselves in stunning fashion statements, furs, animal print, extra large hats and even women on dog leashes, contributing to the overall spectacle and creating a visual feast for onlookers.

As Latto continues to ascend in the hip-hop scene, her birthday celebration not only marked a personal milestone but solidified her status as a cultural influencer. The event, a synthesis of style and substance, promises to be a defining moment in the annals of Atlanta's celebrity gatherings.


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