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A man stabbed his wife to death in Colombia, according to grisly video and reports.

“The woman who was murdered in Alarcón was identified as Estefany Pulido, a Venezuelan national. Pulido was left lying on the floor while the man who stabbed her multiple times tried to flee. The authorities reported that the call of witnesses prevented this person from escaping.

“The information from the environment allowed the patrols to react, they captured the subject who attacked this person in flagrante delicto,” added the Police spokesperson.

The hands and clothes of this 60-year-old man were impregnated with his partner’s blood after the violent knife attack, as evidenced in the images shared by the authorities.

Although several paramedics arrived at the scene in ambulances to help the approximately 40-year-old woman, they could do nothing for her.

The incident occurred after 5:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, January 2, inside a residence on Carrera 18 and Calle 24 in the Alarcón neighborhood of Bucaramanga.

The victim, who was wearing a red blouse, blue jeans and red tennis shoes, was left lying on the floor of the establishment.

Agents from the Technical Investigation Corps, CTI, were in charge of carrying out the technical inspection of the body and collecting evidence for the investigative process.

The body had at least five stab wounds, some of them in the face and chest.

The captured person was left at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office to answer for this violent act. It is expected that he will be prosecuted for the crime of femicide.

The Police and investigators from the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office are present at the scene to collect evidence of what happened.”

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