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Skilla Baby Makes his PPV Debut Walking Boxing Star Devin Haney Out For His Match Alongside TayB

Rising rap phenom, Skilla Baby, made his Pay Per View debut at the official ring walk for boxing star, Devin Haney’s recent match. Skilla Baby performed alongside fellow Detroit rapper, Tay B. Skilla Baby has been seen everywhere as of late, swiftly becoming not only a fan favorite, but the go to guy for entertainers, athletes and tastemakers alike.

Skilla Baby has been closing this 2023 year out strong. Earlier this month he teamed up with Rap Artist Rowdy Rebel for Rebel’s single “Morant”. Skilla’s breakout hit record “Bae” has been swiftly climbing the charts socially and digitally, with the “Bae” music video reaching 3 million views in a months time. The “Bae” single has also been gaining quick traction on Tik Tok, as it’s been listed as number 47 on their viral top 50 chart, with over 250,000 creates. Skilla Baby has also been traveling around the country performing shows in each market, with three dates left to close the year out on a high note.

Be sure to stay updated on all things Skilla Baby as he gears up for 2024!

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