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ALABAMA – Two people are facing charges after police say an officer was injured trying to arrest a man in a Walmart parking lot. 

According to the Decatur Police Department, video posted to social media depicts a portion of a Decatur police officer’s attempt to arrest a man with an active arrest warrant.

Police say the incident took place Friday about 4 p.m. when a uniformed, off-duty Decatur police officer working a security detail at the store saw 29-year-old Marquez Daniel Lewis in the parking lot.

Police say Lewis had an active arrest warrant through the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for failure to pay child support.

By this time, police say Lewis was seated in the driver’s seat of a car and despite being told he had a warrant and to get out of the car, he refused.

According to police, after repeated attempts to get Lewis to voluntarily comply, the officer broke the window to arrest Lewis.

Police say Lewis actively resisted arrest and fought with the officer.

During the initial encounter, and prior to the beginning of the video that has been circulating online, police say the officer suffered a fractured orbital bone after he was punched by Lewis.

Police say Lewis’ mother followed the officer while holding up a cell phone and while moving within feet of him as he struggled to take Lewis into custody.

After ordering her to back up, police say the officer pushed her back and knocked the cell phone out of her hand.

Police say Lewis was arrested after a second officer arrived.

“An arrest warrant is a command by a judge for an officer to arrest someone. A person who is told by a police officer they are under arrest has an obligation under the law to submit to the arrest,” said Chief Todd Pinion. “While we will look at all aspects of the arrest to determine if the officer followed policy and training, what is clear is that a person’s refusal to submit to a lawful arrest resulted in more severe criminal charges and an officer being injured.”

“If you believe an arrest by an officer is not valid, submit to the arrest and take legal action after,” Pinion continued. “Resisting arrest creates a great danger to everyone involved and is illegal. And while anyone can record a police officer in public, they cannot do it in a way that interferes with the officer or jeopardizes their safety.”

Police say Lewis was charged with assault, resisting arrest, attempting to flee and elude and criminal mischief. Lewis was booked at the Morgan County Jail on a $15,900 bond.

Police also say Tonda Rochelle Lewis was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental operations. She was booked at the Morgan County Jail on a $300 bond.

The injured officer is currently on paid leave while he recuperates, according to police.

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